Dojo Etiquette


Good Hygiene

Clean Uniform. Clean Body

Good Attitude

Ready to work hard and be positive

Focus Up Front

Look in the mirror at yourself during basics, follow the instructions given

Follow Safety Rules

6 inch rule, do not touch equipment on walls without permission


Please keep all children home if they have fevers, stomach upset, heavy coughs, or runny noses until they are fever free for 24 hours and any runny noses are clear.  We strive to keep our family and yours happy and healthy.

Please watch students in class from the couches provided

Two way mirror allows you to see into class without interrupting or causing your child or others to lose focus on the instructor. If you need to interrupt class for any reason please stand quietly by the door and the instructor will come to you as soon as they are able.

Please refrain from shouting / talking into the dojo to your child as this causes them to lose focus on the class

If you are aware prior to class starting that you will need to dismiss your child early, please inform the instructor at the start of class so the disruption can be kept to a minimum for the other students.

Please make sure any children not enrolled in the class are following dojo rules while in the waiting area: walking feet, pick up toys after playing, quiet voices while classes are in session.

Please make sure the area in front of the heater and dojo doorway is clear. ( the heater will turn off if it is blocked) Students need an open doorway for entering and exiting the dojo


Thank you for helping us make your time here welcoming and safe

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