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Derry’s Family Martial arts and self defense center

Come in and see for yourself why so many families come to kenpo academy for their martial arts training and self defense. Parents get to see firsthand how martial arts can improve their child's confidence, focus and fitness. Claim Your 2 Weeks Free Today!

  • Get Self Defense Training

    Kenpo Karate is a practical and functional self defense system. Learn how to defend yourself in a safe and fun environment.

  • Builds Confidence and Focus

    Watch as your child grows more confident every day. They will have more focus than ever before and will develop the skills needed to help with their everyday life.
  • Full Body Workout

    Getting in shape is an added bonus. Not only will you learn how to defend yourself, Kenpo Karate also gives a complete full body workout.
  • Safe and fun atmosphere

    Your child will learn in a safe and fun environment where they will meet new friends and learn social skills.
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Preschool Martial Arts

Our preschool program is for children Ages 3-5 in this program we teach Gross motor skills while having lots of fun This class is designed to get your children Ready for interaction with other kids.

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Kids Martial Arts

Our kids martial arts program is designed to give your child the confidence to defend them selves if needed while teaching them focus and self control

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Teen Martial Arts

Our teen martial arts program will help Your teen stay active and confident while Making friends and making new goals In a fun safe environment

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Adult Martial Arts

In our adult martial arts program you will get a full body workout while having fun and learning self defense with friends

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Cardio Kickboxing

In our kickboxing program you will get a great cardio workout as well as learning how to punch and kick like a pro

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We look forward to answering avery question you have but the easiest way to know if we are the right self defense school for you family is to claim your free 2 weeks. We will introduce you to our classes and get your family having fun while they learn the skills to defend themselves.


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