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Our Reviews

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  • 01

My son has been here for seven years at Kenpo Academy. It’s an amazing place. He’s learned a lot everybody there is like family.

Barry Hall

  • 02

My son is a student. Really has helped not only with his attitude we have seen better grades in school. I highly recommend this dojo

Stephen Paris

  • 03

Seven years journey for my son to get his black belt super awesome place to accomplish his goal super family friendly atmosphere!!

Heather Hall

  • 04

A friend of mine talked me into taking a kickboxing class and I never looked back. I've learned a lot. Before I started.

Norman St. Pierre

  • 05

We love Kempo Academy. Such great people who own it. The family atmosphere is like no other. They focus on self defense, my granddaughter and I have been with this school for many years.

Michelle Wurster

  • 06

Daughter has been attending classes here for a few months and loves it! Comfortable family atmosphere. Instructors show great balance of patience and motivation.

Anthony Castiglione

  • 07

Great environment. Daughter has tried so many things and lost interest or not been driven to get better. At kenpo academy they get through to her and she keeps improving.

Eric Mallett

  • 08

This has been the best thing for our daughter. She has more confidence than ever! Great workouts, great family atmosphere and just all around great people! Great school!

Nonny W